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Payment Plan Terms and Conditions



Plans are usually offered on a 2 - 6 month schedule, and the cost spread over monthly instalments.


The artwork is reserved for you and removed from the market on receipt of the first instalment. Artwork will be delivered on receipt of the full payment.




Payments can be made by bank transfer, debit or credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay.




There is no interest when you purchase your art via a Payment Plan.




I understand that situations may arise that change your ability to pay. If you run into expected circumstances, contact me at to arrange for a longer payment period. You can also make larger payments should you wish to receive your artwork sooner.




The payment plan between the artist (Karen Turner) and buyer is binding on receipt of the first instalment, which is non-refundable. Should you need to cancel your plan and receive a refund on payments already made you may do so, with the following conditions:


  • You must notify me immediately so the artwork can be put back on the market.

  • The refund of payments will not include the initial instalment, which is payment for the artwork having been taken off the market.


If you are unable to make a payment you must endeavour to contact me at as soon as possible. If no payment is made for a period of 60 days or longer and you have made no contact, the artwork will be returned to the market and no refunds will be given.

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