Born in London in 1978, Karen spent many of her school years in Geneva, before returning to the UK to attend Hampstead Fine Arts College in London.


Karen Turner Artist

Remaining in the city to work in media intelligence, Karen eventually found herself on the Suffolk / Norfolk border, where she has a home studio.

A figure and portrait artist, her paintings mostly feature women and are a commentary on the weight of expectations placed on the female sex.  With a particular focus on the physical body and the scrutiny to which it is commonly subjected, she works in oils and seeks to highlight pigments in the skin that can often go unnoticed, emphasising and exaggerating them to accentuate their


In 2020 Karen’s work was selected for the Portraits for NHS Heroes exhibition and the accompanying Bloomsbury book, and in May 2021 she was awarded the President’s Prize at the Institute of East Anglian Artists Open Exhibition.  She was a finalist in the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2021 and has

Karen Turner - Studio 2.JPG

been shortlisted for both the New Emergence Art Prize 2022 and the Women United Art Prize 2021.